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New Series
"Lyrical Paintings"

This is the beginning of Isabella's new series of paintings. Lyrical paintings where she merges her love for dance and music with painting. Its an exciting innovation that has captivated us once again. It's amazing to watch her create these outstanding all original pieces. 

"When I'm painting I feel like i can do anything, and anything is possible. I love using my hands and creating something from nothing, and watching as the colors mix before and during my paintings. I don't think about what I'm going to paint until I'm in it, and then I can see it coming to life as I listen to the music. When I started, I used to paint to music like my opera, using quick karate chop movements, and more of my hands on the canvas. Now, I like to dance to a beat. I like to see how the paint makes different designs on the canvas the higher I fly. My new line of paintings are all about rhythm and a beat. I feel like painting is my soul.  "I feel like painting is my soul. I love to sing opera and pop, and dance, so this is a place where I can do it all in the same place. When I paint and dance, I'm flying like a bird, dancing in the clouds, sprinkling color like a fairy on the bright green grass.  It's fun and it's my own world that I get to create" 

Artist Isabella 

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