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Image by Fiore 2016


In the midst of this glorious earth we call home lies a beautiful little princess Isabella. She was born of two artistic mortals her Mommy and Daddy. They wished to create a magnificent baby that would bring them joy for eternity. Well, little did they know that when she was born that she would not only bring them joy but she would also become an artist just like them. Soon they would all be known as "The Trinity Collective”; Mommy, Daddy, and their little princess.

On this day all the mortals on earth and the spirits of the heavens would come together under our only true Jehovah God to celebrate the birth of its new princess. She will bring light, love, and hope to the world. For she was not only a princess, she was the purveyor of kindness from the angels above that would soon make all dreams come true.

With a stroke of her paintbrush she would bring the imaginary into a 2  and 3 dimensional form for us all to be inspired by. At the age of 6 years old, Isabella's dream, as she puts it, is "to share her art and love for God with the world, and for people to find happiness in her paintings so she can keep making her dreams come true."  


It is not only our gift to share this art with you but for you to become part of our world every time you see the paint dance along the canvas and are inspired to dream along with us. 


With Gratitude, 

Isabella and the Trinity Collective   

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